About Us

 Who we are:

  • EJ Hogge & Steiner, LLC - Ethel & Jason Hogge, Co-owners (Steiner is just for amusement!)
  • Absorbed Free Spirit Design & BET’ER LUCK™
  • Phone: 541-969-2320
  • Email: ejhoggeandsteiner@gmail.com
  • Web: ejhoggeandsteiner.com

 What we do:

  • Tent, Table, & Chair Rentals for Cayuse/Pendleton and Surrounding Communities
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design & Murals
  • BET’ER LUCK™ Wares
  • Hot Dog Stand

 A bit more personal:

  • Ethel has strong ties to the local CTUIR and Nez Perce Tribes, and is enrolled Yakama. She has recently earned an Associate’s Degree, and is on her way to getting her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She is exploring her venturesome side, while smartly keeping one foot planted on the ground. Ethel has an abundance of “Girl Power” surging through her veins!
  • Jason grew up in Pendleton, infiltrating the community with his mysterious art and outlandish ideas. For the last two years, Jason has been attending college at Pacific Northwest College of Art, daydreaming often, and working part-time for a contractor. He will be following his relentless hunger for creativity right down the swirling entrepreneurial vortex!
  • Together, we want to pair our dreams, education, and eclectic talents, with our desire to fill that unique void or the unusual request. For us, it’s business with personality; it’s family; it’s an adventure!